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We specialize in catering all types of events. Our most common events are weddings, graduations, homecomings, and family/corporate events.
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About Our Nevada Team

Bobby's Waffle's was founded and started in Utah. Our team travels across Salt Lake & Utah County to cater events of all kinds.
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We specialize in catering all types of events. Our most common events are weddings, graduations, homecomings, and corporate events.

Our Process

We come to your venue and make your special occasion exactly that, special. We make sure to offer exceptional service with quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Our Catering Includes:

Bobby’s Liege Waffles made fresh on-site
Toppings available upon request (Fresh fruit, Nutella, and Homemade Whipped Cream)

Catering Chef Station - We bring all cooking equipment; well as paper plates, forks, knives and napkins

Al-a-carte line for guests to pick up the hot, fresh waffles


The perfect mix of sweet & savory

We’ve spent years perfecting our recipe and have created the most premium liege waffle. Most of our customers don’t even put toppings on it.

But we know everyone has their own taste, so feel free to throw on some fresh fruit or homemade whipped cream and your mouth will thank you.

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Don't just take our word for it. Here what our clients have to say about us

"Bobby’s Waffles! Deliciously amazing! When something is completely nummy even plain, it has officially arrived. We tend to just snack on the waffles plain. Of course they are even better with all the toppings. Highly recommend. Buyer beware, you will eat more than you originally intended."

Josh Cohen
Catering Client

"There is something wonderfully different and so delicious about Bobby’s Waffles! We love to eat them without the toppings because they are that good. Perfect for any party or a catered work lunch or celebration."

Bridgette Shields
Catering Client

"Don't miss these waffles for daily snacks, breakfast, or during endurance activities.  We also used Bobby's for a catering event and it was excellent.  Employees still talk about those waffles!  Get ready for your next event and you won't be disappointed!"

Jeffrey Masse
Catering Client

Our team brings together amazing people and delicious catering to create wonderful events.

Hello, we are Kory and Rachel Pryde. We, along with our two children, love the outdoors. The Lake Tahoe region of Nevada gives us great opportunities to experience the four seasons and a variety of outdoor activities. We also enjoy playing board and card games with family and friends.

Bobby’s waffles are a great snack on our adventures. Kory’s personal favorite is a warm waffle with a little ice cream on top. Rachel prefers to eat them plain, straight off the iron. The children prefer them with strawberries and whipped cream. There are many ways to enjoy the waffles, and it would be our pleasure to share them with you on your own adventures.

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